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A family owned and operated business for over 40 years.

We enjoy working with diamonds as well as a large variety of colored gemstones, some of the finer pieces in the Twin Cities area.

Geller Jewelers is a name that has been known in the business for generations.  Ron's father, Morton Geller, was introduced to the jewelry business by his brother Morrie Geller, who owned Rogers Jewelers in downtown St. Paul since the late 1950s.  After years at Roger Jewelers in 1969 Morton purchased Northwestern Jewelry which was a wholesale distributor and manufacturer in Downtown St. Paul. Through expansion the Business flourished and in 1973 Ron joined his Father as a Partner at Northwestern Jewelers.  In 1975 Ron graduated Gemological Institute of America to become the first graduate Gemologist from GIA in St. Paul.

Ron B. Geller Jewelers Roseville opened in Fall of 1980 (later to be renamed Geller Jewelers) 

Geller Jeweler Shoreview (North Oaks) opened in Fall 1995


We are a full service Jeweler both in manufacturing and design.

Ron's love of gemstones and diamonds gives these stores a wonderful selection in all colored Gemstones and Diamonds.

This family's creativity of making pieces for your family from one generation to the next continues.

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